Is RCT painful?

Question : My dentist told me that my badly broken down central incisor needs an RCT before a porcelain jacket crown can be placed. Is root canal treatment painful?

Dentures Guide Answer : RCT is necessary when the pulp is already on it irreversible state, meaning even restoring the tooth, the disease process in the pulp would continue and eventually the pulp will die and lead to an abscess formation.

Root canal treatment can be done without pain with proper use of anesthetics. However, it would be impossible to give 100% guarantee that an RCT will be completely pain free. Occasionally there are some teeth considered as hot tooth and anesthesia is difficult. On these instances, your dentist will know how to manage the situation.

After root canal treatment, your tooth might be sensitive and painful for a few days. This is part of normal healing process. You are expected to have the porcelain jacket crown restoration done within a month after the completion of root canal treatment. Search in Google and Bing for endodontists in your area.

All Ceramic Endo-crown for endodontically treated tooth -

All Ceramic Endo-crown for endodontically treated tooth –

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