Fixed Dentures Cost

Question : How much do fixed dentures cost?

Answer : There’s no absolute price for dentures. But you can estimate how much fixed prostheses will cost. You count the missing teeth. The more missing teeth, the more expensive the prosthesis is. Choose what type of material the bridge will be made of. All-ceramic is be the most expensive yet the most esthetically pleasing material for bridge.

The number of abutment teeth also influence the price of fixed prosthesis. The minimum is 2. But sometimes more teeth are used as abutments to compensate for the number of missing teeth to be replaced. The safe prosthodontic design for bridges is dictated by the rule, “the pericemental area of abutment teeth should be equal or exceed that of the tooth or teeth to be replaced.”

Other factors are:

  • Location of the missing teeth.
  • Specialty of the dentist.
  • Number of treating Dentists.
  • Location of the dental office.

You can know more about these factors here.

All Ceramic Bridge with CAD CAM Milled Zirconia Framework

All Ceramic Bridge with CAD CAM Milled Zirconia Framework is the most expensive type of bridge for the replacement of missing posterior teeth. –

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