Fixed-fixed Partial Denture – Fixed-fixed Bridge

Metal ceramic fixed-fixed partial denture

Fixed-Fixed Partial Denture is a dental prosthesis where the artificial tooth (pontic) or teeth (pontics) is supported rigidly on either side by one or more abutment teeth. It is indicated where missing teeth are bound by abutment teeth which are capable of supporting the functional load of the missing teeth. This design of Fixed Partial Denture has a minimum of three units that can be cemented in one piece. The preparation of abutments should be parallel to each other (parallel taper).

1. Fixed-fixed partial denture is a robust design with maximum retention and strength.
2. Abutment teeth are splinted together which may be an advantage for teeth that are mobile.
3. This design of fixed prosthesis is the most practical for larger fixed partial dentures particularly when there has been periodontal disease.
4. The construction of the fixed-fixed partial denture in the dental laboratory is simple.

1. Fixed-fixed partial denture requires preparation to be parallel. This results to more tooth reduction which may endanger the pulp.
2. The tooth preparation is sometimes slow because the parallelism should always be checked.
3. It requires extensive tooth preparations.

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    • Dr. Wright
    • Oct 3rd. 2012 2:45am

    Good job! It’s a very natural looking fixed restoration.

    • Dr Messias
    • Oct 6th. 2012 10:18am

    This is simply a bridge supported rigidly on either side by one or more abutments. Very good info you provided. πŸ™‚

    • dentures geelong
    • Oct 9th. 2012 6:23pm

    It’s really a fixed partial denture. But if preparation of abutments are not parallel to each other than it can cause a problem?

  1. Yes. Non-parallel abutments can cause problems with the insertion of the FPD.

  1. Jul 26th. 2013