Dentures Cost

Dentures Cost Guide: Porcelain Crowns

A comprehensive and easy to understand guide on how to estimate your dentures cost.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Dentures
The options are arranged from the least affordable to the most affordable (most expensive option > least expensive option).

1. Type of Denture
Fixed Denture > Removable Denture

A. Fixed Denture (Fixed bridge)

Type of material
All-Ceramic bridge > Porcelain fused to metal bridge > Acrylic bridge with metal substructure > Acrylic bridge

Type of abutment
Implant > Milled Crown > Natural Tooth

Coverage of retainer
Full Coverage > Resin Retained

Resin Retained Fixed Partial Denture

B. Removable Denture

Type of support
Implant supported denture > Tooth supported denture > Tooth-tissue supported > Soft tissue suported

Type of retainer
Implant retained removable denture > Precision attachment retained removable denture > Clasp retained removable denture > Soft tissue retained removable denture

Precision Attachment Removable Partial Denture

Rigidity of denture framework
Flexible framework > Dentures with cast metal framework > All acrylic dentures

Removable Partial Denture with cast metal framework

2. Number of missing teeth.
5 missing teeth > 3 missing teeth > 1 missing tooth.

Complete Dentures

3. Location of the missing teeth.
Missing anterior teeth > Missing posterior teeth.

4. Specialty of the dentist
Prosthodontist > General dentist

5. Number of treating Dentists
Multi-specialty dental team > 1 general practitioner

6. Location of the dental office
City > Town
US and European countries > Asian Countries

7. Dental laboratory
Specialty dental lab > General dental lab
US and European countries > Asian Countries

8. Demand
Patient’s demand > patient’s need

Dentures Cost: Clinical Case

Missing upper lateral incisors and canines.

Male, 19 years of age with missing upper lateral incisors and canines. Photo credit: Dr. Irfan Ahmad

Based on the guide listed above, Acrylic resin removable partial denture is the most affordable treatment option. But, it is prone to dislodgement.

2 four-unit fixed partial dentures

Four unit fixed partial denturs is the second option if finances are a concern. However, tooth preparation of four healthy teeth is destructive and may result to future endodontic problems.

2 implants with 2 two-unit implant supported cantilever bridges.

The third possible treatment option is 2 implants with 2 two unit implant supported FPDs. Placing fewer implants is less costly. But rotational forces from cantilever bridges have a destructive effect.

2 implants with 2 three-unit bridge using the implants and central incisors as abutments.

Placing 2 implants with 2 three-unit bridge using the implants and central incisors as abutments is also a treatment option. But linking natural teeth to implants is not advisable.

4 implant supported crowns for missing lateral incisors and canines.

Based on the guide listed above, 4 implants for the 4 missing teeth is the most expensive but the most ideal treatment option. The healthy teeth are not preserved from tooth reduction. The esthetic outcome is also generally better than the other treatment options.

Cost need not be a deciding factor for achieving dental health. – Dr. Irfan Ahmad

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    • Dr Cohen
    • Oct 13th. 2012 9:37am

    Good job!

    • Dr. Boucher
    • Dec 7th. 2012 5:40am

    Well explained. Good info for all prosthodontic patients.

    • Denture Pt
    • Feb 9th. 2013 5:18pm

    Hi doc! Good day! I still do 1 third molar left. Should I have the tooth extracted? Can I have a stable denture with the said tooth present?

    • Yes, it will be better if you have it extracted. It may impede the stability of the denture. Depending on the denture space present, it is possible to construct a stable denture with the said tooth present.

      Visit your dentist and let it be examined.

    • Dental Implant Cost Philippines
    • May 7th. 2013 6:27pm

    Hi how much does it cost for 1 dental implant in the Philippines? Thanks and more power.

    • Dental Implant Cost Australia
    • May 16th. 2013 7:56am

    How much is tooth implant in Australia? I have a missing tooth in front. Hoping for your reply.

    • In Australia, a dental implant costs around $2,200 up. Its cost will depend largely on how much bone left in the missing tooth area. If there’s a good quantity (and quality) of bone, bone grafts will not be needed anymore.

    • Mina
    • May 17th. 2013 7:50am

    I have a missing tooth. What is the best possible option to restore it? Thank you!

    • To restore a missing tooth, the best possible option is implant retained all ceramic crown. But of course you have prepare yourself financially.

    • Albert
    • May 20th. 2013 6:01am

    Is dental implant forever? Will it last a lifetime?

    • It may last for a lifetime. It depends on how you take care of your dental implants. A safe estimate is 10 years minimum according to a study.

    • Peter Moy
    • Jun 6th. 2013 9:32am

    Hi. I have 1 missing tooth. How much does a fixed bridge will cost?

    • In Asian countries, the most basic bridge for 1 missing tooth will cost you around $400 up. In US, the cost of metal ceramic fixed bridge for a missing tooth is $1,500 to several thousand dollars. Your dentist will tell you the cost upon examination.

    • Alvin
    • Jun 30th. 2013 11:47am

    Hi sir. Good website sir. How much do all porcelain jacket crown cost in the Philippines? Thanks for the wonderful website of yours.

    • There are many kinds of all ceramic crowns. e.max Crown (lithium disilicate) is the most common type of all ceramic crowns offered by Filipino dentists. Emax crown is usually priced $500 up per full crown.

  1. Good info for patients and dentists. πŸ™‚

    • Reby
    • Jul 20th. 2013 3:48pm

    Good job,

    • McBright
    • Jul 22nd. 2013 8:13am

    I have a missing central. The adjacent teeth on both sides are intact. I ‘m thinking of having a full ceramic bridge. I saw dental implant on tv. Is dental implant a much better option for me?

    • Thanks for asking. Provided that you have enough bone, healthy periodontium and you’re healthy to undergo surgery, dental implant is a better option to replace your missing central incisor.

    • moey
    • Jul 25th. 2013 10:38am

    Good checklist.

    • Matt
    • Jul 27th. 2013 1:47pm

    How much is a lower denture cost in bc

    • It is usually around $600 up. The price depends on what type of denture is indicated for your case.

    • Mike Balani
    • Aug 25th. 2013 7:14am

    Hi. I live in Germany. I’m poor. Where can I possibly get an affordable upper denture?

    • Hi Mike. Try the nearest dental school in your area. You can get high quality dentures treatment from the prosthdontic clinic of the dental school.

    • Pierre
    • Aug 26th. 2013 4:17am

    How much do dentures cost in Romania? I lost all my top and bottom teeth.

    • The cost will depend on the factors stated above. What you should do is consult a reputable dentist in Romania. He will tell you how much upon examination of your oral cavity.

    • Sheena
    • Aug 27th. 2013 6:42am

    How much do flexible dentures cost in Manila Philippines?

    • The cost of flexible denture in Manila is $400 up. But I don’t recommend flexible denture. It has detrimental effect on bone.

    • Pustiso
    • Aug 28th. 2013 4:56am

    Where can I find a good denture dentist ?

    • samra
    • Dec 4th. 2013 5:10am

    i have one infront bridged teeth can i wear braces ?

    • adele
    • Feb 1st. 2014 12:35am

    Hi Doc,how much is the flipper denture for the 2 upper missing tooth and 2 missing tooth lower tooth in the philippines?and how long is the process..we are only staying in the philippines for 10 days

    • Lal Tonxing
    • May 1st. 2014 8:02pm

    i have both my canines missing and there is a very big space between my two front teeth… I’m 16 years old…can it be corrected

    • Lal Tonxing
    • May 1st. 2014 8:04pm

    i have both my canines missing and there is a very big space between my two front teeth… I’m 16 years old…can it be corrected

    • Yes. See a dentist. Your dentist will do a panoramic x ray. He will examine if the tooth is unerupted or really missing. It can be orthodontically treated or prosthodontically treated or combination of both.

    • Joey
    • May 28th. 2014 3:30pm

    I wanna know. Which is better for missing front tooth? Emax or Bruzir? Thanks!

    • Emax bridge is better for missing anterior teeth. You will have esthetically pleasing restoration with good strength if Lithium disilicate (e.max) ceramic is used.

    • jeffrey bustillo
    • Aug 11th. 2014 5:37pm

    how much po ang pustiso up and down ..
    tsaka lahat ng teeth papabunot ..
    fix price po ..
    thanks and good day

    • There is no fixed price for dentures. Ask the dentists near you about the types of dentures and their cost.

    • Alex Don
    • Jan 17th. 2015 2:35pm

    Hi . I’m a Dent student from the Philippines. we have this term exam on our subject in which we will be having our ‘Debate’ on Fixed Dentures Vs. Removable Dentures . So, I just wanna know the cost of fixed dentures compared to that of removable dentures . And if you have some comments about HOW REMOVABLE DENTURES WOULD BE THE BETTER ONE , that would be a great help . Thanks . πŸ™‚

    • Fernando Lachica
    • May 2nd. 2015 11:58pm

    Been to dentist today, and I want to have upper dentures (full). Teeth to be extracted 6 pieces.

    His payment plan for me: xx,000.00 pesos for full upper dentures
    xx0.00 pesos for each tooth extraction

    Is this good payment plan? I’m a senior citizen now. Is there a discount for senior citizen?

    Thank you

    Fernando Lachica

    • Darwin Caronan
    • Feb 7th. 2016 2:17pm

    Do you know any dentist who practice dental implant here in Tuguegarao, Cagayan? Thanks and more power!

  2. Thanks for the heads up. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for the comment! πŸ™‚

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