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Up right

U - prosthodontic terms

Upright is the movement of a tooth into an erect or normal position.

Vacuum casting

V - prosthodontic terms

Vacuum casting is the casting of a material (i.e., metal, plastic) in the presence of a partial vacuum.

Vacuum investing

V - prosthodontic terms

Vacuum investing is the process of investing a pattern within a partial vacuum.

Vacuum mixing

V - prosthodontic terms

Vacuum mixing is a method of mixing a material such as plaster of paris or casting investment below atmospheric


V - prosthodontic terms

Value is the quality by which a light color is distinguished from a dark color, the dimension of a color that denotes relative blackness or whiteness (grayness, brightness). Value is the only dimension of color that may exist alone.

Van der Walls’ bond

V - prosthodontic terms

Van der Walls’ bond is eponym for a bond that involves weak inter-atomic attractions such as variation in physical mass or location of electrical charge; e.g., molecular polarization, electrical dipoles and dispersion effects—hydrogen bridges—called also secondary bond.

Vascular pain

V - prosthodontic terms

Vascular pain is a type of deep somatic pain of visceral origin that emanates from the afferent nerves that innervate blood vessels.


V - prosthodontic terms

Velum is a covering; a general term for a veil or veil like structure.


V - prosthodontic terms

Veneer is a thin sheet of material usually used as a finish.

Veneer is a protective or ornamental facing.

Veneer is a superficial or attractive display in multiple layers, frequently termed a laminate veneer.


V - prosthodontic terms

Vent is a small auxiliary sprue to aid and improve casting procedures.

Vent is a small perforation placed in a cast restoration to facilitate complete cementation by minimizing hydraulic pressure.

Vent is to place an auxiliary sprue.

Vent is to place a perforation.