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T - prosthodontic terms

Transosteal is the penetration of both the internal and external cortical plates of a bone.

Transosteal dental implant

T - prosthodontic terms

Transosteal dental implant is a dental implant that penetrates both cortical plates and passes through the full thickness of the alveolar bone.

Transosteal dental implant is a dental implant composed of a metal plate with retentive pins to hold it against the inferior border of the mandible that supports transosteal pins that penetrate through the full thickness of the mandible and pass into the mouth in the parasymphyseal region.

Transverse horizontal axis

T - prosthodontic terms

Transverse horizontal axis is an imaginary line around which the mandible may rotate within the sagittal plane.


T - prosthodontic terms

Transversion is displacement of a tooth from its usual position or proper numerical position in the jaw.


T - prosthodontic terms

Trauma is an injury or wound, whether physical or psychic.


T - prosthodontic terms

Traumatogenic is capable of producing a wound or injury.

Traumatogenic occlusion

T - prosthodontic terms

Traumatogenic occlusion is an occluding of the teeth that is capable of producing injury to oral structures.

Traveling condyle

T - prosthodontic terms

Traveling condyle is the condyle on the nonworking side.

Treatment denture

T - prosthodontic terms

Treatment denture is a dental prosthesis used for the purpose of treating or conditioning the tissues that is called on to support and retain it.

Treatment denture is a dental prosthesis that is placed in preparation for future therapy.

Unpolished treatment denture. -

Unpolished treatment denture. –

Treatment plan

T - prosthodontic terms

Treatment plan is the sequence of procedures planned for the treatment of a patient after diagnosis.