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T - prosthodontic terms

Trichromatism is a type of vision in which the colors seen require, in general, three independently adjustable primaries (such as red, green, and blue) for their duplication by mixture; trichromatism may be either anomalous trichromatism or normal vision.

Trigger point

T - prosthodontic terms

Trigger point is a focus of hyperirritability in tissue which when palpated, is locally tender and gives rise to heterotopic pain.

Tripod marking

T - prosthodontic terms

Tripod marking are those marks or lines drawn on a cast in a single plane perpendicular to the survey rod to assist with repositioning the cast on a dental surveyor in a previously defined orientation.


T - prosthodontic terms

Tripodization is an occlusal scheme characterized by a cusp to fossa relationship in which there are three points of contact about the cusp and opposing fossa with no contact on the cusp tip.

Trismus appliance

T - prosthodontic terms

Trismus appliance is a ancillary prosthesis that assists the patient in increasing the oral aperture width to eat and maintain oral hygiene.

Tri-stimulus value

T - prosthodontic terms

Tri-stimulus value (R, G, B: X, Y, Z, etc.) amounts of the three reference color stimuli, in a given trichromatic system, required to match the color of the stimulus considered.


T - prosthodontic terms

Tritanopia is a form of dichromatism in which reddish blue and greenish yellow stimuli are confused. Tritanopia is a common result of retinal disease but may be inherited—called also blue blindness, hence tritanope.

Tube impression

T - prosthodontic terms

Tube impression is a cylinder used as a tray to confine and direct impression material to make an impression of a single tooth.

Tube impression is the impression resulting from this procedure.

Tube teeth

T - prosthodontic terms

Tube teeth are artificial teeth with an internal, vertical, cylindrical aperture extending from the center of the base upward into the body of the tooth, into which a pin may be placed or cast for the attachment of the tooth to a fixed or removable denture base.


T - prosthodontic terms

Typodont is a replica of the natural dentition and alveolar mucosa, set to average condylar motions, used in training students in dental care.

Typodont -

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