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Traveling condyle

T - prosthodontic terms

Traveling condyle is the condyle on the nonworking side.

Treatment denture

T - prosthodontic terms

Treatment denture is a dental prosthesis used for the purpose of treating or conditioning the tissues that is called on to support and retain it.

Treatment denture is a dental prosthesis that is placed in preparation for future therapy.

Unpolished treatment denture. -

Unpolished treatment denture. –

Treatment plan

T - prosthodontic terms

Treatment plan is the sequence of procedures planned for the treatment of a patient after diagnosis.


T - prosthodontic terms

Trephine is a hollow rotary instrument (resembling a hole saw) used to make circular cuts. Used in dentistry to create a trough around pins or posts in a natural tooth prior to their removal or for removal of a dental implant from bone.

Trial base

T - prosthodontic terms

Trial base is a material or device representing the base of a removable dental prosthesis. It is used for making maxillomandibular relationship records and for the arrangement of teeth.

Trial denture

T - prosthodontic terms

Trial denture is a preliminary arrangement of denture teeth that has been prepared for placement into the patient’s mouth to evaluate esthetics and maxillomandibular relationships.

Lower trial denture. -

Lower trial denture. –

Trial flask closure

T - prosthodontic terms

Trial flask closure is any preliminary closure made for the purpose of eliminating excess material and insuring that the mold is completely filled.

Trial placement

T - prosthodontic terms

Trial placement is the process of placing a trial denture in the patient’s mouth for evaluation.

Tricalcium phosphate

T - prosthodontic terms

Tricalcium phosphate is an inorganic particulate or solid form of relatively biodegradable ceramic that is used as a scaffold for bone regeneration. It may be used as a matrix for new bone growth.

Trichromatic system

T - prosthodontic terms

Trichromatic system a system for specifying color stimuli in terms of the tri-stimulus value based on matching colors by additive mixtures of three primary colored lights.