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Transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation

T - prosthodontic terms

Transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation is application of low-voltage electrical stimulation through the skin to nerves in order to interfere with the sensation of pain in the brain and increase blood flow to the region.


T - prosthodontic terms

Transepithelial is penetrating or passing through the epithelium, as in a dental implant.

Transepithelial abutment

T - prosthodontic terms

Transepithelial abutment is the dental implant abutment that passes through the epithelium and attaches to the dental prosthesis.

Transfer coping

T - prosthodontic terms

Transfer coping is a metallic, acrylic resin, or other covering or cap used to position a die in an impression.

Transit dose

T - prosthodontic terms

Transit dose is a measure of the primary radiation transmitted through the patient and measured at a point on the central ray at some point beyond the patient.

Dentures Cost in Utah

Question : How much do dentures cost in Utah?

Dentures Guide Answer : There are many factors to consider to tell exactly how much will your dentures cost. Dentures are custom made for a particular patient. You will also have to factor the difficulty of the prosthodontic case. There are also various materials to make a denture. Some brands of denture materials are expensive while others are not. What you have to do is visit a dentist, he will tell you how much it will cost you upon examination of your mouth.

Lower removable denture -

Lower removable denture –

Lava All-Zirconia Monolithic Jacket Crown

Lava™ All-Zirconia is a tooth-coloured, metal-free and biocompatible alternative to full cast metal restorations and non-precious PFM in the posterior region.

Lava™ All-Zirconia is made from a monolithic block. Monolithic restoration means no porcelain overlay is needed and therefore chipping is no longer possible.

Advantages of Lava™ All-Zirconia vs. non-precious PFM

  • Virtually unbreakable, no chipping
  • Metal-free & biocompatible
  • Natural tooth color throughout the restoration
  • Ideal for patients with little inter-occlusal space
  • No metal margin to hide
  • Allows supra-gingival prep margins
  • Ideal for bruxism patients and those who grind their teeth
  • 15-year limited warranty


  • Expensive equipment.
  • Special training for the technician.
  • Obtaining the Chameleon effect is difficult because of stark white color of zirconium dioxide ceramic framework.

For more information on the best possible Prosthodontic Treatment for your case, please consult your Dentist. “There is no online material nor website that can substitute for professional advice.”

Transitional contour

T - prosthodontic terms

Transitional contour : with respect to any restoration supported by a dental implant, the external form achieved between the abutment and the implant body.

Transitional denture

T - prosthodontic terms

Transitional denture is a removable dental prosthesis serving as an interim prosthesis to which artificial teeth will be added as natural teeth are lost and that will be replaced after postextraction tissue changes have occurred. A transitional denture may become an interim complete dental prosthesis when all of the natural teeth have been removed from the dental arch.

Transition denture. -

Transition denture. –


T - prosthodontic terms

Translation is that motion of a rigid body in which a straight line passing through any two points always remains parallel to its initial position. The motion may be described as a sliding or gliding motion.