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I Love Dentures

Hilkirk’s Question : Do you love using dentures?

Dentures Guide Answer : Yes. I love using dentures compared to none.

Upper and lower complete dentures. -

Upper and lower complete dentures. –


T - prosthodontic terms

Torus is a smooth rounded anatomical protuberance.

Torus is a prominence (s) sometimes seen on the lingual surface of the mandible and the midline of the hard palate.

Total elasticity of muscle

T - prosthodontic terms

Total elasticity of muscle is the combined effect of physical
and physiologic elasticity of muscle.


T - prosthodontic terms

Toughness is the ability of a material to withstand stresses and strains without breaking.

Toxic dose

T - prosthodontic terms

Toxic dose is the amount of a drug that causes untoward symptoms in most persons.


T - prosthodontic terms

Toxicity is the adverse reactions (dose-response-time relationships) of tissues to selected foreign substances resulting in unacceptable in-vivo interactions. The toxicity can be at the local or systemic level depending on the amount, rate of release, and specific type of substance available to the tissues.


T - prosthodontic terms

Tracer is the apex of a properly made anterior tracing is considered to indicate the centric relation position.


T - prosthodontic terms

Tracing is a line or lines scribed by a pointed instrument.

Tracing is a traced copy of a drawing, photograph, radiograph, or similar entity.

Tracing device

T - prosthodontic terms

Tracing device provides a central point of bearing, or support, between maxillary and mandibular occlusion rims or dentures. It consists of a contacting point that is attached to one occlusion rim or denture and a plate attached to the opposing occlusion rim or denture that provides the surface on which the bearing point rests or moves.

Transcranial oblique radiograph

T - prosthodontic terms

Transcranial oblique radiograph is a flat radiographic projection in which the central beam travels across the cranium and through the temporomandibular joint on the opposite side showing an oblique lateral view of the condyle.